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Southwest Florida Community Foundation


SecondMuse, a global collaboration agency, has launched a community-sourced incubator in Fort Myers alongside the Southwest Florida Community Foundation and in partnership with the City of Fort Myers.  
Based in the new Collaboratory next to the Dunbar community, SecondMuse’s incubator will focus on developing businesses leaders, according to a statement. 

The Other Hertz


Spun off from Hertz Global Holdings earlier this year, the fortunes of Herc Holdings brightened after the presidential election. The newly formed company’s headquarters in Bonita Springs is poised for employment growth.
When car-rental giant Hertz Global Holdings relocated its global corporate headquarters to Southwest Florida from New Jersey in 2014, few people expected the region would get a two-for-one deal.

Small Tenants DO Matter!


For some landlords, determining which tenants should occupy a space on your rent roll is harder than ever. The goals of a landlords are fairly consistent—fill vacancies, increase cash flow, stabilize asset, and hope to add overall value. Yet, many fail to execute on valuable leases for reasons which may not make true long-term financial sense.


Shrewd landlords win in current office market cycle


Landlords like to save money—this is a fact. Yet, successfully walking the line between saving money and missing an opportunity to add value to your investment is what separates shrewd investors from average ones. Landlords in high occupancy positions in any market have learned the art of spending money in the right places, at the right time. Rental investment is calculated in two interconnected ways. The first is cash flow (rental income). The second is appreciation in the value of the property. Assets with deferred maintenance will not see appreciation. Well-maintained products pay ownership back –it’s really that simple.


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